Core range

This is our core range of Westland Craft Beers, which is available all year round.

It features beers that we used to brew in the shed as home brewers (before going commercial). The shed is still in use as we brew our test batches here every Friday.
Woo-Hoo is our very first beer we ever brewed as a homebrew and it was an instant hit within our friends. This was mainly due to the high temperature at which we fermented, which benefited the taste of the beer. The origin for Keep It Up came from the demand for an IPA and a wheat beer (Weizen/Witbier) from our friends. This resulted in a delicious White IPA with lemon hops (which we recently renewed).
For our next beer we were looking for a local ingredient, which we found at Westlandpeppers: The ‘Chile de Arbol’-pepper turned out to be an excellent match for our tripel, which we named “You Rock”. Because of the strong flavors this is not a beer for the masses, but real craftbeer enthusiasts will love it! The media attention this beer received at its launch was unparalleled, which ensured national exposure and made this beer and us indelible.
For the real terrace goers / drinkers among us we have brewed a low-alcohol Session America Pale Ale, called “Thumbs Up!”, light but with a nice body and full of fruity flavors!

In addition to the core range, we will also have seasonal beers and specials available towards towards the future.

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