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It’s the Saison to be jolly.

No, this isn’t a winterbeer with loads of cinnamon. It’s a nice little fresh Specialty Saison made for spring. But we don’t care if you’ll be drinking it underneath the mistletoe.

6.5% ALC/VOL – 12.0 EBC – 32.0 EBU

Have you seen that Belgian blonde walking over there?

Everybody knows a beer can’t walk. But you’ll soon be seeing everybody walking with a true Belgian blonde beer in their hands.

So when you see one , just whistle FietFieuw!

7.8% ALC/VOL

Is it a IPA? Is it a NIPA? NO! It’s an NEIPA!

HowYouDoin’ is a tripple dryhopped beauty. Get your little taste buds a glorious feeling of hops, hops and hops.

So the next time you see this beer ask yourself; HowYouDoin’

6.3% ALC/VOL

What is this! That’s exactly what what is.

A Quadruple style beer with a lot of chocolade in the nose and tongue. Makes for a perfect taste combined with some banana’s.

Between 9and10% ALC/VOL

When life gives you lemons, make a Lemon American Hefeweizen. That was what we thought when making this beer.

You’ll get a great tasting hefeweizen with a sprakle of lemon.


Bring that big bottom down, bring that booty to the ground!

We have a milkshape IPA for your tasting pleasure.

Shake it, don’t stir! We mean; drink it, don’t shake!

5% ALC/VOL (lactose intolerance warning!)

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