Our Story

Our story hasn’t started as a fairytail. No, it just started with three friends who share a passion for good food and good beer. In early 2020 we started (home)brewing our own beers in a shed in a place called Monster (Westland), The Netherlands.

Our biggest fault was letting other people taste our beers”

As enthousiastic as we are about our world of malts, hops and yeast, we wanted others to taste our beers: Which turned out to be our biggest fault. We received so many (good) feedback about our beers, an instant demand was created. And to fulfill the demand we had to bring the brewery to higher levels: In July 2020 “Brewery 22Four” was officially registered.

Discover our beers

To keep the quality of our beers to our (high) standards, we are focussing on only five beers for our sales-collection. Mediocre quality beers do not belong here. To maintain our quality, we let our experienced tasting panel test new experimental beers and also improved existing beer recipes every 2 months: Only the 5+ star rated beers will progress to the selection list for our collection. Follow our socials and our website to keep track of the available beers.